Shilin Night Market

For every Asian country I have been to, I make visiting a marketplace a high priority. In my opinion, it is the best way to get a feel of the local life even if the place itself is a tourist spot. As a New Yorker, I love the fact that all the food I am purchasing is relatively cheap (and usually tastes better) in comparison. I have yet to be disappointed by a marketplace, and Shilin Market in Taipei is without a doubt in my top three favorites.

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Hong Kong / Tokyo / Taipei

I haven’t updated in quite a bit, life has been keeping me quite busy. I still have a bunch of traveling adventures to share though, so now seems a good of a time as any to try to start this blogging thing again. Here’s hoping I can be consistent with the posts, lol.

Let’s start with a little vlog from my Asia trip last year (click here!). This trip was without a doubt the most spontaneous thing I have ever done in my life, but ended being the best decision. Back story: during the first half of 2016, I was lucky enough to visit somewhere new every month. For some odd reason, I did not go anywhere the entire summer. September came, and by then I was dying to get out of NYC. I ended up planning a solo trip to Stockholm, Sweden, and just like that, I knew that the travel bug had bitten me again. I ended up planning the entire three weeks for this Asia trip with less than a week’s notice before I flew out to Hong Kong. I don’t know how I managed to pull all of it off, but everything worked out well.

Got to go back to my second home, and visit Tokyo, Japan and Taipei, Taiwan. Hong Kong was a blast as always. I love seeing my family, especially my cousins. I am thankful that they take me to old and new places, introduce me to new friends, and take good care of me every time I come back. Like most travelers, myself included, Japan is high up on the list of places they want to visit. Even though I had a long layover in Japan during my Asia trip in 2015 and was able to venture out a bit, that did not really count. I am so happy I get to officially check it off my bucket list! Tokyo was everything I expected it to be and more. Originally, my itinerary was to go to Singapore, but after a conversation with my dad, he convinced me to visit Taipei since I had already been to Singapore. He had visited before and talks highly of Taipei, so I was easily convinced since I like exploring new places. Taipei exceeded what little expectations I had of it; I loved everything about it and would definitely go once more, even if it means being bit nonstop by mosquitos again. I STILL have a scar 😦 ; thankfully, not on my face. Okay, enough rambling.. I am excited to relive those days by writing about them and sharing some photos. Stay tuned 🙂


Charleston, South Carolina

Got to visit my first southern state, and let’s just say that Charleston meets its hype of being one of the friendliness cities in the country! 🙂 The southern hospitality was clearly there. I can definitely see how it is highly rated among many travel sites. It is a perfect destination for a quick, relaxing getaway. Would recommend, especially if you are a history junkie or a foodie, haha. Little vlog right here: [x]

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Basilica Cathedral of Lima

This Roman Catholic cathedral is located in downtown Lima in Plaza Mayor, which is considered the core of the city. The area is crowded with tourists since there are many other major attractions, such as the Government Palace, Archbishop’s Palace of Lima, the Municipal Palace, and the Palace of the Union. The current cathedral standing is the third built on this land, as the dimensions kept increasing. Since 1622, it is a monument of the city that captures generations of Peruvians’ religious focus.

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Rustica is a bar/restaurant in the Barranco district of Lima. With the dim setting, flashing neon lights, and disco balls, the atmosphere is similar to a club. It definitely targets a younger audience, but people of all ages were there. The entrance leading to the actual restaurant was spacious, with props to take photos with. Despite the roomy entrance, the dining area is a bit confined, with a bar, opened floor space for dancing, and tables on a deck.

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